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At The Good Shepherd we believe in the sanctity of marriage, and our church provides an idyllic backdrop for couples declaring publicly their relationship of mutual love and commitment and receiving God’s blessing. Marrying in church is personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful.

We welcome couples who reside in the parish, are on the electoral roll, or have a special connection with our parish or church. If you’re uncertain about your eligibility, feel free to reach out to us. Together, we will help make your wedding dreams a reality!


Church Wedding Checklist

Follow our simple steps to getting married in church.


Explore a possible date and time

Check the availability of your reception venue as they often get booked up earlier than the church!


Meet Revd. Tim Astin

Contact the Vicar to check the church is available and to make an appointment to discuss your wedding and complete our initial booking form.


Arrange to have your Banns of Marriage read

These will be read in the 3 months prior to your wedding. Banns will be read in The Good Shepherd during the 10am Sunday service for 3 consecutive weeks. If you live in another parish you will need to arrange for your Banns of Marriage to be read in your parish church as well as at The Good Shepherd. For some weddings a Special License is needed instead of calling Banns of Marriage. 


Meet with the Minister conducting your wedding

When you are ready (usually about 3 months before the wedding) meet with the Vicar or other minister conducting your wedding to discuss the details of your service such as readings, music, etc.

You can also discuss music and hymn choices with Timothy Carey our organist and Musical Director. Come and meet him at a Sunday service.


Orders of Service

Check any proof of your order of service with the minister conducting your service.



We will arrange for a rehearsal to take place in the few days before your wedding to walk through the service so you are ready for your big day.

Find out more about Church of England weddings here.

Additional Services

We have a number of contacts who may be able to assist you with your special day. From local caterers and florists, to taxi firms who can often tailor their packages to your budget.

Our church hall provides a budget-friendly option for a wedding reception and can be professionally dressed to look absolutely beautiful.

We can also advise, or assist, with producing orders of service at a fraction of the cost of using a printing firm.

Church Hall Wedding Reception
Flower bouquet


There are Statutory Fees for the wedding service and for calling the Banns which are the same in every Church of England church.


Beyond that each wedding is unique and the total cost depends on what you would like for your special day. When you meet with Tim he will discuss with you additional services available, such as the choir and organist. With those options  agreed we will provide you with your tailored cost.

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