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Our church offers a wide variety of support around funerals. This includes visiting the person before death, giving guidance with funeral arrangements, designing a range of funeral and memorial services, and offering pastoral support.

The church has a Garden of Remembrance where ashes can be interred and keeps a Book of Remembrance on display in the church where names can be recorded. The church is open during the day and some people find it helpful to come into the church to be quiet and perhaps light a candle and say a prayer. Again, our church community seeks to be a people of mutual support, compassion and faith.

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Most funeral services are arranged through a Funeral Director. There are several Funeral Directors in the area all of whom will help you to make funeral arrangements. This often includes them contacting us on your behalf to arrange for one of our clergy to lead a service in the church or at a Crematorium.

You can also approach our Vicar, Revd Timothy Astin, directly to discuss possible funeral arrangements and to seek advice. Click here to find out how to get in touch.

Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance in the church grounds is available for the interment of ashes. Please contact us for advice about the types of memorials that are permitted in the Garden of Remembrance.


What Next?

Once a Funeral Director has contacted us, we will confirm which member of the clergy team will conduct the service for you.


That person will contact you and arrange to visit you to discuss the service details, including your choices of music and readings, and to hear about the life of person who has died.

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Comforting Hands

Other Support Available

Pastoral care doesn’t end as soon as the funeral is over. Members of the team are available to talk with you, or to listen to you and to offer the support of the church.

Each year we hold an All Souls Service (on the first Sunday in November) to commemorate our loved ones who have died over the years.

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