The Good Shepherd, Tadworth

Allchurches Trust Grant Towards the Organ Restoration Fund

For a very long time now the Parish has had a fine reputation for the quality of music that comes from our Church organ. As you know, we are now in a position where our organ needs to be restored and 
have been fund raising for many years to do just that.

We are almost at the point of starting the work and are making the final fund raising push to bring in further donations by applying to various Trusts who make grants to Churches for projects such as ours.

One of those Trusts is the Allchurches Trust who have joined a long list of people to make a donation to our Church Organ Restoration Fund by sending us a cheque for £3000. We are grateful to the 
Allchurches Trust for helping to make our project more achievable.     

Once the work has been completed, we shall have an organ that will be in wonderful condition and which will serve the wider community for generations to come.

About Allchurches Trust:

Allchurches Trust is one of the UK’s largest grant-making charities and gave more than £17 million to churches, charities and communities in 2019. Its funds come from its ownership of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. 

Our grants further our charitable objectives of promoting the Christian faith and other charitable causes. We welcome applications from all parts of the UK and Ireland, particularly from areas of social and economic deprivation. We fund projects that tackle homelessness, poverty and social exclusion. We also support the repair, restoration and wider community use of churches and cathedrals of all denominations. 

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