The Good Shepherd, Tadworth

Pipe Organ Restoration Appeal

After 40 years of extensive and continuous use our church organ requires some tender loving care.

Advice has been sought from the Diocesan Organ Advisers and our organ consultant Mr Ian Bell.  The following essential work has been identified:- 


To address this underlying wear and deterioration of the instrument before it severely disrupted the church services or became unplayable we  embarked on a major refurbishment project that will restore the instrument back to its full potential.    Our technical consultant Mr Ian Bell,  has prepared a scheme of work on the best way forward for the organ's refurbishment and tonal improvement.   The essential work will correct the present problems and involves:- 

The above work is now being carried out by the skilled craftsmen of Mander’s Organ Builders,  an English company who will put the organ in fine fettle for many generations to come.

This refurbishment  provides the opportunity to further enhance the instrument and improve its effectiveness in supporting the liturgy.


We are incorporating the following improvements to the instrument.

The new pipes are being manufactured in Leeds by  Terry Shires.   Please have a look at their website to appreciate the skill required in making and voicing organ pipes:-


Pipe organs do not come cheap as they are all hand built.  Their design and construction is performed by highly skilled craftsmen. These craftsmen work to exacting joinery, metal working and electrical standards. Every re-used or new pipe will be carefully examined by the ‘voicer’ who ensures each pipe speaks the correct pitch, has the right tone and loudness, and blends then with all it’s neighbouring pipes.   The total cost for the essential work and the improvements is approximately £185,000 – including VAT.   To date we have raised £171k towards our target. 


If you can, please do help us in supporting this Appeal so that everyone can enjoy and be enriched by Tadworth’s choral and musical tradition. Methods of making a donation to the Organ Restoration Appeal are contained within this Church website.  

If you would like to know more about the workings of the organ or have any queries then  please do not hesitate in contacting  Richard Shipman and Tim Carey

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