The Good Shepherd, Tadworth


If you have come to this section of the website because you need to arrange a funeral then this is likely to be a difficult time for you and so we hope that this page will make working out the details of the arrangements easier for you.

What to do first
In order to arrange a funeral you will need to go to a Funeral Directors. We have several funeral directors in this area all of whom will help you with some of the decisions that you will need to make.

The Funeral Director will help you to decide on the best time and place for the service. It may be that you would like the funeral service to take place in the church (especially if the deceased was a member of the Good Shepherd): please make this request known to the Funeral Director. If this is the case, the committal would then take place in the cemetery or crematorium.

In addition, it will be important for you to decide whether or not the person who has died would have wanted to be buried or cremated. It may be that they have expressed their wishes about this to members of the family or have left written instructions as to what they want to happen after they have died.

What happens next?
The Funeral Director will contact us if you live in the parish or if you have specifically requested to have a member of the Good Shepherd team to conduct the funeral. Funerals are conducted by members of the clergy. Once the Funeral Director has contacted us we will be able to confirm which member of the team will conduct the service. That person will then contact you and arrange to visit you to discuss service details and to support you at this painful time.

Other support available
Pastoral care doesn’t end as soon as the funeral is over. Members of the team are available to talk to you, or to listen to you and to offer the support of the church.

Each year on All Souls’ Day (the first Sunday in November) we hold a special evening service to commemorate our loved ones who have died over the years.

There are also many organisations that can help you, including the local branches of Cruse Bereavement Care (Reigate 01737 772834 and Epsom 0208 393 7238)